Classic Turn-Based Combat

Combat gameplay features the classic turn-based system you know, but with a few new twists: Strategic defense/parry system, a unique “Halt” system to prevent monsters from fleeing, and an environmental system that gives more life and variety to battles. There are random encounters within easily noticeable areas to retain the classic RPG feel but allow you to move freely around.

Gear Up

Choose gear based on your play style, from one-handed swords with shields, or two-handed weapons like axes with increased critical attacks, or ranged weapons with multiple attack options. Upgrade weapons and armor at the House of Swords and maximize your equipment’s potential.

Freedom to Explore

Climb, vault, use special items, or ride your horse as you run through the world with exploration that feels more like an adventure game than classic RPG simple grid movement.

A Unique Story

Experience an adventure spanning 12 dungeons, unique characters, intrigue, twists, secrets, and multiple endings.

Mountains of Monsters

Battle against over 140 different animated monsters, ranging from familiar beasts from mythology to never-before-seen creatures, ranging from small to giant screen-filling behemoths!

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